WT2 Real-time Earphone Translator

World's first 1+2 earphone translator for natural face-to-face conversations.

· 1 app (Android and iOS)
· 2 Earphone Translators
· 1 Charging Case
· 1 Micro USB Cable
· 3 Earplugs

Retail price: $199

$179 (Free shipping fee!)
Estimated Delivery Time: April in 2018.

WT2 is a real-time, wearable translator that includes 2 earphones, 1 app, and a customized charging case. The earphones provide long-term, hands-free foreign language communication, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture while traveling, express yourself more completely and build more meaningful connections with the people you meet.

What is 1+2, and why is it the best solution for natural bilingual conversation?

"1+2"=1 app + 2 earphone translators.

Our WT2 is the world’s first and only “1+2 translation” system. This means that unlike other solutions, our patented technology innovatively allows multiplexed speech communication between both WT2 earphone translators and a single phone with the WT2 App, creating a smooth communication experience for the user.

This system integrates wireless communication technology, intelligent algorithms, voice translation, and many other technologies into one seamless package. By using "1 +2", one can easily talk with anyone, regardless of spoken language, and with no awkward setup steps.

“1+2“ is the key to breaking down language barriers across the globe, letting you easily talk to new people without having to worry about asking them to download an app on their own phone first - Just pass them an earphone and start having a real conversation! With the WT2, full eye contact and natural body language are maintained, allowing you to not only to talk to other people in different languages, but to really understand them.

Here are some of WT2’s unique features

Perfect for travel enthusiasts, expats, homestay students, cross-cultural families, international shops, hotels and everyone in between. WT2 can help make your travel experience more enjoyable and improve your communication efficiency with foreign customers or partners.

After in-depth research that examined the most common travel situations and careful consideration of WT2’s technical capabilities, we’ve created three communication modes (“Auto”, “Manual”, and “Ask”) to deal with a variety of communication environments.

This mode is for conversation in a relatively quiet environment such as a hotel, meeting room or coffee shop. There’s no need for any manual operation – with its advanced built-in in intelligent algorithm, WT2 will translate your conversation in real time, absolutely hands-free.

This mode makes communication possible even in a noisy environment. Unfortunately, the WT2 translator can’t be fully automatic in very noisy environments, but you can easily adapt to your surroundings by activating the Manual mode.

This mode is useful for quick inquiries like asking for directions or confirming a price.To use Ask mode, wear one of the earphones and hold your phone in front of your conversation partner. He or she can then hear the translation aloud or view the translated text.